Tuesday, December 19, 2006

1st day off...ahhhh.

Drank coffee in bed and read my book. (another Bujold...I'm on a streak)

Hit Coquitlam Centre just at opening and before it got busy.

Made sugar cookies. (very festive, don't you think?)

Made a yummy dinner...a creamy roasted red pepper pasta with leftover flank steak from Sunday night.

And then, do you know what I did?

In a span of 4 hours, I watched THREE hours of DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER.

It's true.

Oh my. I love that show. But I usually only have access to one or two episodes at a time. Seems rather irresponsible of networks to offer such a BUFFET of guilty pleasures all in one evening.

There, my confession has been made. I feel much better.

Have YOU ever watched Dog?


aud said...

hahahahahaha! AMAZING post. blog vulnerability at it's best.
3 hours of dog? only for hardy souls. though i have to admit, it is strangely mesmerising.
a good way to spend a day off.

mary Beth said...

I am insanely addicted to Dog. My husband of 8 years is beginning to wonder who I am...