Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Middle of did this happen?

Well, things are coming along. I've got 10 pages of 25 for my IPIAT paper. And I'm hoping to get a few more written today. (Have already written two or three this morning and it's not yet 10am!)

Other project for this week? Figure out what to wear to the presentation. No idea.

Final project? Organize ushers, musicians, cd table & food people for the big night. Am thinking I'll rent glasses and linens so that it looks nice in the Upper East Hall for the reception. Of course, planning like this begs the question, "How many are you execting?" And the answer is, "No idea."

Oh well. Back to it. Meanwhile, if you didn't fall for the link at the beginning, check out

Saturday, March 01, 2008

updates on several fronts...

1. Recording is almost done. One more guitar track and a few straggling bass and organ lines.


It's been fun, but kind of all-consuming and I've found myself resenting how my "normal life" has been getting in the way. :)

Lesson #1: Next time, I'm going to quit my normal life for the duration of recording.

2. I have been privileged to have friends and family play on this album - and it's been fantastic.

Lesson #2: It's a very good idea to have talented friends and family.

3. Concert is set for Saturday, March 29th, 7:30pm at Tenth Avenue Church. If all goes well, it should be a CD release as well! So March holds concert prep and paper-writing. I'm just starting to work on spreading the word about the concert as I'd really like to play to as full a house as possible...feel free to spread the word yourselves; it's definitely a 'come one, come all' kind of event! (There's a facebook event if that's an easier way.)

Lesson #3: There's a lot of admin to do for a CD project, concert, etc. If only there weren't also a paper to write!

4. Pastors' Conference brochure is out (see )

Lesson #4: Don't assume that listing people together makes them peers... Marva Dawn, Bruce Hindmarsh, Darrell Johnson, Andrea Tisher (one of these is not like the others!)