Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Classes & schedules and ALMOST the end of a semester

Clearly a new den is not terribly exciting in the blogosphere.

We're still excited about it around here. I can't stress the difference of having one room in the house that has enough room in it to actually lie down and do a tile-angel. Amazing. (You never read about THAT in one of those "small spaces" magazines)

Anyway, the term is winding down pretty quickly. Second last chapel today.

Had to figure out Spring/Summer last night...teaching schedule is affected by which course I take, etc. And my oh-so-generous-and-supportive husband looks at the two courses I was deciding between and says, "Take both." This had never crossed my mind. So I looked at it. Taking the first course of the two means I'd have to quit teaching 2 weeks early. (about $500 in lost income) Taking the second means I'm now spending almost double what we planned AND making less money than budgeted.

This is amazing. I believe in education and I think it's a priority in my life - and has been for the last number of years. But this is a whole new level. Having someone else believe in your education - and the kind of belief that puts money where their mouth is...

So I'll get another 5 credits done this summer...that will be 37! 4 or 5 in the fall. Possibly 9 in the Winter (one class and then my 6 or 9 credit Integrated Project) If I'm not careful, I might actually FINISH this degree.

Ok. Happy Tuesday.


Gordon said...

Doesn't the "oh-so-X" construction usually signal sarcasm? I would hate to think you meant it sarcastically :-)

ajt said...

NO SARCASM INTENDED. Oh dear. I'm afraid I like to use hyphens to show relatedness sometimes...

But maybe I'll do it more as it got me a COMMENT!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's exciting that you're able to take 2 classes! hurray for schooling! I'm also excited that we'll see you this weekend. Maybe, just maybe we'll even see your abode AND the new office space.