Thursday, May 03, 2007

good news and bad news

Well, we'll start with the good news...My office is officially unpacked and organized!! Yay.

The bad news is that I've killed three plants. Yes, me who blogged photos of my lovely patio garden. The geraniums (hearty little brutes) are fine, but the pansies are laying-down-in-the-dirt dead. And they're not getting back up. And inside I've killed an ivy plant that I've only had for about a month. (after killing its predecessor)

Oh dear. So I'm not including pictures. The admission is hard enough. And I don't want you all to have to see the carnage. Maybe I'll dig them out on the weekend and replace them and THEN snap some shots.

Happy Thursday.


andrea.mollerbridges said...

It's time for pansies to die, so you are absolved of one plant death.

ajt said...

I have memories of my mom having them through a lot of the summer, but then maybe that's because spring doesn't come to Calgary until June. :)

You de-lurked! Yay!

Carolyn said...

Join the family. I seem to be able to keep only one plant alive at a time.

Kent said...

In order to keep plants alive, you have to think like a plant. Wander out onto a patch of grass, put your bare feet onto the lawn and squish your toes into the dirt. Imagine growing roots into the soil and gaining sustenance from it. Feel your body soak in the sun and imagine creating sugar molecules from the sun's energy and the air you breathe.

Then go back up to your apartment and water your plants. (-: