Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a highlight & a lowlight

Did you used to start youth group or Sunday school classes with this?

Well mine were pretty easy for today.

I bought strawberries from the farm where they were grown today. If I had time, I might have picked my own, but I decided that the ones they had picked for me would suffice.

Audrey, (and any other Californians reading this) your strawberries are styrofoam in comparison.

I had to put them in the trunk so that I wouldn't eat them the whole way home.

The lowlight?

When I was moving things around in the fridge when I got home, I dislodged the last beer & cider from their resting place only to watch them fall to the ceramic tile floor. (read: SMASH!) Of course, I might have caught them, but my hands were full of the precious strawberries.

The best part of the lowlight? The flowing cider/beer puddle reached my computer bag...the computer's fine, but the bag now smells like a dirty old drunk.

I think I'll drown my sorrows in another strawberry.


mojo said...

yes but the strawberries travelling from california to vancouver would naturally taste like styrofoam. get on down to california and we'll go 'berry picking and see what happens then! (seriously, please come down here)

ajt said...

Oh, I know. But I figured it would make you comment. :) (Note to self: directly addressing a known blogreader results in a comment.)

Actually, I'm flying into LAX on Monday, but out again on Wednesday and I have a meeting all day and evening Tuesday. So I'm almost not really going to be in California at all. Wish I could squeeze in a little visit to your end of the state too, but not this time.

More on my trip to Pasadena in an upcoming blog entry, I promise!