Saturday, September 30, 2006

exegesis and choir and chores, oh my

It's one of those days were there is a little bit of everything. So perhaps I'll just make a list rather than trying to write prose:

-did (and am doing) laundry
-had friends over for breakfast ... waffles and Spolumbo sausages... Yummy!
-the inevitable tidying up that goes with having people over (why is it that clutter or a spot on the floor can go unnoticed until 20 minutes before company arrives?!)
-worked on exegesis for a bit - am starting to itch to get into word studies and whatnot...I guess I'm on the right track!
-am setting up (with MUCH help from Gordon) my new computer...which we named "Skookumchuck" as our first two computers have been "Tofino" and "Uclulet" ...
-we're off to run a few errands and then head out to Langley to have dinner with Gordon's folks and then we're on to Abbotfords for Abendmusik Vespers (if you live in Vancouver, you can catch us SUNDAY NIGHT @ 8pm at Knox United on Balaclava @ 41st)

Off and running!

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