Monday, September 25, 2006

people can sing

People can sing. It's true.

Many of them have been told at some point in time that they can't, but MOST of them actually can. And even the ones that truly can't can join in a group.

And so I don't understand why we would ever gather together to "SING" and then let some people at the front just play the music and do the singing while we mumble along.

It just doesn't make any sense to me.

So if I'm at the front of a room that you're in, and it's time to sing...I mean that it's time for YOU to sing. I'll sing with you...maybe help you find your way a bit, and on rare occasions, sing something that will decorate what the whole room is doing...

Nah, you'll just have to be there to understand.

This weekend 400 people were in a room and there were instruments and singers at the front...but they were only there to accompany the 400 person choir. And you know what? They SANG. And they sang songs they knew, and songs they didn't know, and they learned new things and they sang unison and they sang in parts. A capella and with full band...which by the way was two guitars, a piano, a djembe, a violin, a viola da gamba, a trombone and a french horn. Yes. I'm not making this up.

We sang old hymns and new hymns, old texts with new tunes, and new texts with old tunes. We sang songs from South Africa, England, US and Canada...some written by famous people, and some written by not-so-well-known folks.

It was a weekend of working for me, and I'm pretty tired, but I also feel an overwhelming sense of loving my job.

This is a unique job in a unique community ... I'm just hoping I can say that at several points throughout my career.

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