Tuesday, October 17, 2006

From Southern Manitoba with the CCC

Greetings from Gretna, Manitoba. ("Where?" you say.)

It's about 120 km southwest of Winnipeg, almost to the American border and other than a few streets of houses, a post office, and a convenience store, there's not much else. Except MCI - Mennonite Collegiate Institute, a boarding school with about 125 students and currently an extra 17 singers, a director and a cellist.

We've been here since Friday night and have had the privilege of rehearsing in Buhler Hall. (nice name, eh?) It is a great choral space and has been a joy to sing in. Tonight we perform here and then in the morning we head for Brandon. Thursday for Steinbach and Friday for Winnipeg.

Each day (starting today) we have a workshop in the daytime and a concert in the evening. Our music is coming together well, but it is a LOT to keep straight and takes an enormous amount of mental stamina. GREAT group of musicians and we enjoy our time together immensely.

Too tired at this moment to write much more...sorry...but I'll try to keep posting through the week!


Beth said...

Hey Andrea,

In case you're wondering, chapel went really well today, but we missed you. Mostly it was good because Izumi let me run around topping off the communion cups with wine, and that was fun. Anyway, sing your heart out and melt all the snow. (Is there snow there? There is in Saskatchewan!)

Looking forward to your return...


(I'm still up working on exegesis...argh)

Santosh said...

Your comment on my post brought a smile to my face. First Alliance Calgary - where I preached my first semi-offical sermon and you played piano as Kristy Marcine sang a Twila Paris song I requested.

I have that sermon on video somewhere in my parent's house in Regina.

You can read about the service on my blog. Also the Vancouver Sun ran a pretty big article on page B5 of Westcoast news - I put it in the blog.

Let's get our families together - I have to show off Adam.