Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quite a week! (10 days)

Well, I'm back from Manitoba and am still full of "CCC this" and "CCC that"...we cram so much into a short period of time that it seems to leak into the weeks leading up to and away from the project. The people: fantastic. The music: satisfyingly challenging. The whole experience: wonderful.
Winkler, Gretna, Headingly, Brandon, Steinbach, Kleeveldt, Winnipeg...what a trip. Very Canadian with urban and village experiences set side by side. And then the singers, from all over the place, small town, big city and some from both. :)

And then a pitstop in Calgary on the way home.
Reunited with Gordon (sigh)

Gordon while I was away:

Gordon when I got back:

And then my Dad's big birthday bash. Tons of fun. Here's one of the whole fam...


Anonymous said...

It was so fun to see you guys for the (short)weekend! Here's to Palm Springs...yay!

Matt said...

Glad you stopped by the ol' blog. :)

The before and after pics of Gordon are priceless. :)