Wednesday, October 03, 2007

a new month, a new lifestyle

October has arrived and none too soon.

September was hectic and marked by much busyness, hectic days and unwanted separation. A three day Retreat, a two-day Celebration weekend, a wedding gig, oh and life and work and studies. (Studies?)

October is bringing a bit of a chance to slow down. I grocery shopped for the first time in weeks on Sunday. I cooked for the first time in ages on Monday. Saturday, we fly away to Ontario for 8 glorious days where our only "responsibilities" are to hang out with family and sing in a little choir for a family wedding. This we can do. And gladly!

I'm hoping that the colours are going to be in all there Ontario glory...hmm...must pack sweaters...maybe even buy a new sweater!! :)

So, we have a few hopes that October will be a more human month than September - and so far, so good. The calendar doesn't look like a war zone, so that's a start.

(And birthdays occur in October, so that can't hurt!)

Happy OCTOBER to you all!

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Santosh said...

I walked by Gordon in the Subway across from my apt. - it was too late until it registered who he was - my loss.