Sunday, July 23, 2006

15 down, 10 to go

Wow. When I ennumerate it, it sounds pretty good. :) Back in early May the numbers looked daunting, but now that I'm 10 services away from the end of term, it feels okay.

47 worship events in 13 weeks. When I ennumerate THAT it seems ridiculous. But the living out of it hasn't been too bad. Pastors Conference (7) was fantastic. Crazy level of participation. Spring School (15) was a bit uphill but had its moments of being worth all the effort despite low numbers of people...I'm afraid that when you put a few people in a large room it doesn't really matter how well they enter in, it still feels like a balloon you let go of before tying... And now Summer School (25). More people around, both visitors and year-round folks. More energy - partly due to numbers and partly due to Summer School's history and the momentum that it has going. And some great faculty - guest and 'regular' - who have pleasantly surprised me again and again with what they can manage to say in their 8 minute reflections. (okay, some of them take 10, 12 or 15...) :)

Anyway, in case anyone out there is wondering if I'm surviving, I am.

Meanwhile, Gordon & I are off to Calgary on Friday for a quick trip to see my folks and a whole whack of family that will be in town for my aunt and uncle's 40th Wedding anniversary. More on that later...

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