Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Week 2 and still standing

Sorry for the lack of posts...I'm afraid the two weeks off killed any schedule I had and then the first week of Summer School was just a blur.

It made me realize a couple of things:

1. It has been a LONG time since I've kept normalish (8:30-4:30) hours. Probably since the summer I was a receptionist at Baker Insurance on 17th Street in Calgary. And I think I was 19 or 20. Since then I've been a music teacher (after school hours), a student (all hours), a barista (4:45 AM starts), and more music teaching. Then I was the interim worship leader at north shore (weekends and a mix of some day time and some evenings) while still teaching a couple days a week. (read: evenings)

So USUALLY I have at least a couple of mornings a week to run errands, read, relax...etc because I'm working well into that evening. And the truth is, I like having my 'evening' in the morning. This working all day and then coming home and still needing groceries is a new experience.

2. I would LOVE to someday teach the kind of class I'm TA'ing for. And I'm loving working with Edna and hearing from her years of experience. I do think the first day I would spend time getting people to talk about where they were from...and then have us self-identify prejudices that we bring with us into worship. "Hot buttons", slants and just plain-old beefs. It seems to me that THAT would be a VERY helpful exercise both for the class AND for the professor. It's amazing how some people come to a class on planning theologically sound worship, taught by someone with their Doctorate in the field (not to mention YEARS of experience) and still they seem to be there only to share with the class all that THEY know. Why wouldn't you come expecting that you might LEARN something.

3. I LIKE CAPITALIZING WORDS. (new observation)

4. How do you know when an uphill battle is something you should persevere through and when it is an indication of a door that should close? More on that another time.


revabi said...

Hey just want to welcome you to revgalblogpals after your cyber move, and glad you are still standing. Keep posting.

hipastorzwife2B said...

#4 Well isn't that a million dollar question. Prayer and consultation with reasonable folks are the only ways I know of.

Stacey said...

Welcome to the Revgals!

I totally know what you mean about liking the "irregular" hours. Most of my jobs have been flexible or evening hours (bartending, waitressing, etc.), and now as a pastor, I really value having a few mornings to run errands, or just plain wake up in a slow and relaxed manner. And grocery shopping in the evening, after working? Ugh. I feel your pain.

mojo said...

thanks for keeping up with me on my blog and for the encouragement.
worship back here at home has been a bit of culture shock. after going to an anglican church for my last few months in vancouver, when the worship band started up here i almost had a heart attack, "why is it so LOUD?" and i was so used to this kind of thing before.

and in talking to youth group kids about worship music, they drop names agnew and tomlin and so and so. the rock star like aura these men have worries me to some degree. i wonder how to ask them why they use words like "stage presence" and "control the audience" and not so much about God or the Holy Spirit. would love to hear more about your class.

Sally said...

me too welcome to revgals- and a quick observation, do normal hours exist???