Monday, August 07, 2006

BC Day and the Beach


It's August 7th, what we like to call BC Day here in beautiful British Columbia. And do you know what that means?

I'm all finished. One entire trip around the calendar as Music & Worship Coordinator at Regent.

A Fall term complete with the All College Retreat. A break complete with a wedding. MY wedding. A Winter term including the first months of marriage. My first Pastors Conference and Spring School, Tradition Conference and Summer School.


It was good. Not always easy or fun, but sometimes amazingly fulfilling and incredibly enjoyable. Saw someone yesterday who I hadn't talked to in quite awhile and they seemed surprised that I was going to go for another year...whereas I can't really imagine NOT trying at least one more year... I guess when I spoke to him last I must have been quite aware of some of the 'cons' whereas Pastors Conference and Summer School especially are heavy hitters on the 'pros' side. And they are quite recent.

Funny how perspectives shift.

Anyway, I'm in for another ride around the calendar...but not for 3 more weeks!!!

We're off to Ambleside in a bit, picking up carless downtown-living friends en route and packing a mean picnic. Hummous and pita, fresh and homemade lemonade, fruit, cookies, mmmm...

Happy BC Day!

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