Thursday, August 17, 2006

working so that we can holiday...

There's this wierd thing that happens when you're getting ready to go on a holiday...especially when the destination includes a kitchen...there's all this work to do!!!

Shopping lists and those little "What else might we need?" moments...But I'm off to go for a walk with my sister-in-law who has done this dozens of times, so I'll seek a little advice!

At least I'm not working in these days leading up to the I have time to get things ready.

I love working and can imagine that I would be a little stir-crazy without it, but I really like having time to do stuff around the house too. I guess I'm exercising my nesting muscles these days. :)

I'm getting excited to go away - and happy for Gordon to have a break from working as I feel like I've had this long break while he's continued on in the saltmines.

We're off to Pender Harbour...neither of us have explored the Sunshine Coast before so it should be fun...More to come!

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