Wednesday, August 23, 2006

a beautiful spot!!!

It was SO worth the work.

The trip up was beautiful and much shorter than we had anticipated. Pender Harbour is LOVELY - so quiet and beautiful and relaxed. The Sunshine Coast Resort was wonderful...clean and set up well for a holiday like this. (microwave, fridge, bbq and cooktop) There is a new and old lodge. The new lodge looks very nice, but we were quite happy in the old one, which is also $60 less a night.

We rented a boat the first afternoon and travelled out of the harbour and up the Agamemnon Channel (doesn't that sound adventurous?).

We slept in.

We sat in muskoka chairs on our porch and read books and drank coffee in the morning sun. (ok, I drank the coffee)

We drove to Egmont and walked out to the Skookumchuck Rapids. (Skookum=BIG chuck=WATER)

We relaxed.


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Gordon Tisher said...

Hey stranger,

For some reason my RSS software dropped the new place, so I haven't seen your last few.