Monday, November 06, 2006

rain and a microwaveless kitchen

Winter has come - and I forgot that it doesn't get's just really wet. No sign of sunshine this morning. None. Which would be perfect if I could stay home and sit in front of the fireplace. Which I can't for two reasons:
1. I have to go to work.
2. We don't have a fireplace

We were all homeownerish on Saturday and went to Lee Valley to get these fancy brackets that you can put your microwave on so that it sits just below the upper cupboards, giving you back the counter space that the microwave has been hogging...

This was followed by a few hours of installation and then a short while of de-installation. (including ripping two holes in the wall)

Then we went to Rona to buy materials to repair our drywall...Gordon had a swatch of the ruined wall in hand so that they could match paint. :)

So the microwave is still sitting on the dining room table as the mud takes forever to dry...we're on coat number 2...

All of these "we" pronouns...well, you should think of it like this: The space-saving desire was mine, the discovery of the brackets at Lee Valley was mine, the rest of the hard work and frustration and repair work has been Gordon's.

The saddest part is that when this is all finished, the microwave will STILL go back on the counter. We'll be back where we started. Except that now "we" know how to repair drywall. :)

Happy Monday.

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