Sunday, April 15, 2007

an unexpected weekend

Sometimes a weekend just looks nothing like you thought it would.

I was to be on Galiano Island Friday and Saturday with my Christian Imagination class.
Gordon was to go paintballing this afternoon.
Sundays usually involve a church service of some sort.

None of the above.

Last week was so bad for allergies that by Thursday I was completely distracted by the question, "Do my eyes or ears itch more? Or can I concentrate long enough on those between noseblows?" Lovely picture, I know. I did manage to teach ALL my students on Thursday though...even Friday's, as I thought I was catching a 10 am ferry to Galiano.

Instead I spent Friday sitting on the couch with a box of kleenex. Glamorous.

Saturday we both kind of moped around. Gordon hasn't been feeling great either these past few days. Did manage a yummy orange-shrimp stirfry for dinner and the lovely Heidi joined us for an impromptu dinner not-so-partyish party.

And then today we just puttered once again. I managed to get the worst headache by mixing the following ingredients: coffee + allergy-related sinus pressure + no food until 2pm. Standing in line at Home Depot I realized that I hadn't eaten anything yet...but I came home with a full propane tank so there will be GRILLING galore around here.

(on a side note, I'm quite impressed that our propane tank purchased on Easter 2006 lasted us until today...and possibly had another grill or two left, but I was concerned that I would run out in the middle of cooking for a big party on Tuesday evening...but really, $20 of propane for an entire year of grilling? That's fantastic. I figure we grill at least once a week, more in the summer and possibly a bit less in the winter...but not much...seems quite cost-effective, not to mention YUMMY!)

Anyway, this afternoon Gordon and I watched Stranger than Fiction. Good movie.

Then we put new ink cartridges in my printer only to have it go KAPUT. Couldn't it have gone kaput BEFORE we spent $70 on new ink cartridges? So in protest - and because Gordon is a follow-through kind of idea person - he spent the rest of the afternoon/evening installing a new laser printer ... that doesn't work with my Mac, except that he's brilliant, so it does. (but it's can ask him)

In the midst of wrestling with the printer, we tried watching the new series DRIVE. Partly because 'Mal' from Firefly is one of the main characters, but after 1 1/2 hours, we called it quits. Too depressing and not quite endearing enough. Oh well. There's still House. And one tv addiction at a time is enough.

Ok. Rambling post. But it's a bit like the bits and pieces of my weekend.

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