Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer School: week one

Well, having recovered from the crazy journey to California, I'm now into the whirlwind that is Regent Summer School. It is amazing as students come from far and wide, young and old, first timers and hundredth timers. Daily chapels, at least 3 evening public lectures a week and many other lunchtime and weekend opportunities. (from round table discussions to kayaking in Deep Cove!)

I'm not taking a class until weeks 3 & 4 so these first two weeks should give me enough time to finish up my paper for the Spiritual Discernment class of Spring School. However, my mac died on Sunday so I'll take it into the mac doctor this morning...not great timing. All I can say is, "I love applecare."

So my world is a little jumbled by use of Gordon's PC at home & the usually unused PC on my desk at work. Strange machines. But I'm also enjoying (?) the break from constant email checking, and a little reprieve from facebook.

I'm off. To drop off the dear little computer, and then to head to Regent - to meet up with Jim & Rita Houston who are reading and speaking in chapel today. I love my job!

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