Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Reunited and it feels so good..."

Skookumchuck has returned to Crowley Drive and it would appear that all is well with the world.

I intended to be very cold to the people who kept her in that awful place for almost three weeks, but then it was a different guy and he was very nice to me and said nice things like, "I hope we don't see you in here for a long time..."

And I lost my nerve.

It helped that I was holding a piece of paper that said they had put a $1200 part into my macbook. (Odd, a NEW macbook isn't much more) Also, he assured me that apple has had no end of trouble with the first round of logic boards from the early macbooks...and that the replacement part is better than the one I originally had.

I think they have a handbook.

1. Make sure a different person handles pick up than drop off.
2. Say nice things.
3. Be sure they see how much they aren't having to pay for.

Anyway, she's back. I'm happy. And, I even splurged and bought a new backpack-style computer bag yesterday as the old one was giving me shoulder woes. Think of it as an RV for Skookumchuck...and she's going on the road!

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mojo said...

you know, what is the deal with apple and their hardware? stupid logic boards - and i should know, i've gotten about 5 of those on 2 different computers. funny goings on over there.