Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still here...22 down, 3 to go

And I know you're dying to know how my little balcony garden is coming along....It's done remarkably well. The geraniums are especially lovely - and so hard to mess up. I think that's why they're my favourite.

I've got 3 more chapels - Bruce Milne, David Gill and John Vissers. Yesterday was Lauren Winner. And did not disappoint. Tonight is her lecture: Autobiography of a Bookworm: Notes from My Reading Life. Looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, working on getting the piano moved into our place...I'll keep you posted.

Still writing up a small storm. Did another one on Monday. And it's one of those that I immediately love.

Have to figure out what I need to do for Tenth as I'm leading worship this weekend and am kind of in the dark on how things work there. Oh dear. It's already Wednesday, isn't it.

Okay. Bask in that garden photo once more before you close this window. :)

1 comment:

Beach Bum said...

The garden looks like a little slice of paradise on a table.

Enjoy your piano! As someone who's piano-starved, I envy you.

I don't envy your having to fit it into your apartment.